A Booming Industry: Why it Pays to Own a Staffing Franchise

People owning a staffing franchise

 The staffing industry is growing—the numbers don’t lie. Over the last five years, the global HR and recruitment services market has seen an increase of 2.0% per year on average. In 2022, industry growth is expected to increase 4.8%.

In Australia alone, Employment and Recruitment Services made up a $16.4 billion industry; in New Zealand, it’s a $2 billion industry. If those numbers are any indication of where the staffing/recruitment industry is headed, staffing is a great place to be as a business owner—today and in the future.

An ever-growing industry

You could say that growth is built into the staffing industry, as businesses always need people, whether it’s to support business growth, new client acquisitions or to ramp up during busy seasons like the holidays. Conversely, people need jobs to support themselves, their family and lifestyle—and in some cases, they seek second jobs to supplement their income. What’s a smart way to capitalise on this continued growth? Own a staffing franchise.

What’s in it for Franchise Owners?

If you’re a natural leader, driven, with high energy and community minded, and you’ve ever said, “I want to be my own boss,” then a staffing and recruitment franchise might be right up your alley. Specifically, what are the benefits of being in a proven franchise system?

  • Built-in resilience—there’s always a need for recruitment, in good or uncertain economic times. With low franchise fees and no inventory expenditure, a recruitment franchise provides stability.
  • Community contributions are a big part of your day to day—you can make a real difference in the lives of your employees, and in your greater communities.
  • Work-life balance comes naturally, with more control of your working day and how you incorporate family, friends and outside interests.
  • Be in business for yourself without the associated risks—owning one of the best recruitment franchises in the staffing industry is an excellent way to be your own boss.
  • Backing from the experts puts you in an enviable position, since you’re partnering with established franchisors who know the industry and can provide knowledge and proven processes you need to be successful.

Which franchise is right for you?

Of course, you want to be in business with one of the best recruitment franchises around—Express Employment Professionals is nothing short of exceptional, named the #1 staffing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for the past 11 years in a row. A low cost setup franchise with 850+ locations worldwide, Express offers full-time, part-time and temporary placements for job seekers—in professional, light industrial and office services.

Frontline is equally brilliant with nearly three decades of brand recognition in Australia and New Zealand. In 2020, Frontline Recruitment Group was purchased by Express Employment Professionals, giving Frontline Recruitment Franchise Owners the benefit of the Express powerhouse global organisation behind them. One of the best low cost franchises, Frontline’s specialises in recruitment for the Retail, Hospitality, Health, Education, Construction and Finance sectors.

What territories are available in your area?

As the numbers can attest, the staffing industry is good business. Now’s the time to take advantage of its continual growth with a staffing franchise. Good news—there’s immediate market availability for both Express Employment Professionals and Frontline Recruitment Group across Australia and New Zealand. But don’t wait. As they’re two of the best recruitment franchises, these territories can close up before long.

Interested in owning an Employment Express Professionals or Frontline Recruitment Group Franchise? Learn more now.