Recruit to Own program offers way to Express Franchise ownership

Investing in a franchise is a big leap. You may have the drive and skills but can’t justify giving up your steady salary. That’s why Express Employment Professionals, a top recruitment franchise, launched theRecruit to Own program.

Talented sales and business professionals can prepare to open their own Express Franchise—all while receiving a competitive salary. We sat down with Colin Ongley, General Manager for Express in Australia, to learn more about the opportunity.

Can you explain the Recruit to Own program?

“There are people out there who would love the chance to start their own recruitment agency, but lack either the funds, the resources and or expertise to do so,”Colin explains, “Our program plugs all of those gaps and more.

”As a recruit, you’ll work in an existing Express Employment Sydney office for around 12 months. You’ll learn the business from the inside out while receiving Franchisee and management training. If you can demonstrate that you’ve got what it takes, Express will work with you to fast-track your journey to ownership.

“It’s a head start,” continues Colin, “It enables people to maintain a regular salary, access first-class professional development and training, and get their new business off the ground.”

Who is a good fit for the Recruit to Own program?

“The Express Recruit to Own program is for sales-oriented, budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own recruitment agency but are not sure how,” says Colin.

If you have experience as a business development manager, recruiter or salesperson, you may be the perfect fit.

“We’re looking for great communicators, lifelong learners, and importantly, people who are hungry to develop their leadership and business skills, and most of all, who genuinely want to own their own business,” he concludes. With three successful candidates already in the program, you can count on getting the support you need to take your skills to the next level.

What does Express get out of this?

You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true, but Express has as much to gain as its recruits. The Recruit to Own program broadens Express’ pool of potential franchise candidates and helps locate highly motivated entrepreneurs.

“Express benefits by having engaged, motivated and entrepreneurial employees,” Colin says, “Once they convert to ownership, they’ve already been exposed to best practices, had a chance to build solid business foundations, and therefore are likely to achieve success in their ownership journey at a faster pace.”

What makes Express a good choice?

Aside from offering this unique Recruit to Own program, Express is a top choice for Franchisees.

“Express is a global leader in its field, with more than 860 Franchisees globally,” says Colin, “We have 40 years of experience and a strong desire to grow our brand.”

Even after you open, you’ll continue to receive the world-class Franchisee support that Express offers, including:

  • Back-office support
  • Fully funded payroll
  • Ongoing business coaching, mentorship and advice
  • Class-leading recruitment software

Unlike many other franchises, you’ll enjoy the flexibility and freedom of owning a business that operates during regular business hours. By connecting businesses with employees and people with jobs, you can feel good about making a positive impact on your community.

Ready to jumpstart your path to Express Franchise Ownership?

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