Explore a Staffing Franchise in Australia with Express Employment Professionals

Women being a boss

Are you ready to own your own business? To help the people in your community find meaning in their work? To enjoy the benefits of being your own boss?

Franchise ownership with Express Employment Professionals certainly has its benefits.

No writing a business plan. No doing the leg work. No trying to establish a name for yourself.

As one of Australia’s top franchises, we offer incredible opportunities to own the industry’s most profitable franchise. Plus, Express Franchise Owners get unparalleled training and support.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions that will shed light on why, if you’re looking for the best franchise to own, you should consider Express.

Is running a staffing agency complicated?

Not. At. All. In fact, anything you don’t know, Express will teach you.

The primary focus of franchise ownership is to build lasting relationships with other business owners in a protected territory and drive the recruiting efforts to find and attract job seekers.

In turn, Express supports its Franchise Owners every step of the way, with back-office support, payroll funding, business coaching, ongoing education and more. Franchise Owner Sylvia Elix shared, “You’ve got to love helping people. If you’ve got that in you, and you’re a bit business savvy, you love to drive a team and you’re motivated by results, then definitely Express is a business that you would love to do.”

“What I have found with Express is the level of support was completely above and beyond what I had imagined,” she said. “The training program was phenomenal, it was intense, and I think for new agency owners, it just takes you from start to finish.”

Is Express a new franchise?

No, in fact, we have been franchising across the globe for nearly 40 years. With 900+ locations around the world, Express is a proven brand that’s growing in Australia.

Why does Express not have any more locations in Australia or New Zealand?

With 1,100+ franchisors and 65,000 franchise units already in Australia, we continue to grow our footprint. Our growth strategy is one of steady patience, with us spending our time looking for the individuals we feel would be most successful within the Express brand.

In addition, we approach our franchise development directly. We do not offer Master Franchise Opportunities.

Will you be successful in Australia?

Through several market and business opportunity studies, we are able to see the opportunity within each of our protected territories. Turns out there are several parallels between territory demographics in Australia and territory demographics in the U.S. Additionally, we found similarities within the U.S. employment sector that led us to understand that we will be successful in Australia.

What does it take to invest?

At Express, you can apply to be a franchise owner with $170K-$250K net worth and $190K-$250K in liquid assets. Our investment level includes the franchise fee of $70K (though throughout 2023 you can save 40% on your Franchise Fee, a savings of $28K), all startup costs needed to get your business open and off the ground, and nine months of operating capital.

Why do you need a physical location to run this business?

As an organization, we have learned it’s best to meet potential employees face to face. This allows a clear understanding of the needs of the employee as well as whether it’s a good fit between client and employee. Placing people in jobs effectively is a big key to success.

As Entrepreneur’s #1 staffing/recruitment franchise for 12 years and counting, we bring a wealth of experience, expertise and unmatched support to a financially and emotionally rewarding business model.

Are you ready to explore a staffing franchise opportunity with Express? Simply fill out the form below to speak with our Franchise Development team.