Video Transcripts

A lasting impact you can be proud of

“The greatest impact that owning an Express office has had on our lives is first and foremost freedom. We have three little girls who need us. It allows us to be there during important moments. It also allows them a little bit of pride. They say to people when they meet them, “My mommy and daddy help people find work,” and that feels amazing. Aside from that, the greatest impact it’s had has been on our team. Finding, identifying and growing future leaders has been hugely wonderful.”

– Frank & Amada Valencia, Franchise Owners

What Separates Express from the Rest

“My name is Sylvia Elix. I’m the agency owner of Express Employment Professionals in Canberra, ACT.

The most rewarding thing about ow- owning a staffing franchise, um, would have to be the people and also our clients alike. You know, there’s that feeling that you get, that you’re helping somebody and it goes bon- beyond, above and beyond, you know, business. It’s actually helping people, help people.

What I have found through Express is the level of support, was completely above and beyond what I had ever imagined. I thought, yeah, we’re going to have our training, we’ll, you know, we’ll be taken through their systems and so on, but, you know, the, the training program was phenomenal. It was intense. And I think for new agency owners, it’s, it just takes you from start to, to finish.

I would say the, the backing and support you have behind you, but you’ve also got over 850 officers or franchisees around the world that, um, you know, you can call at any time, which I have. I think in addition, it’s also the learnings, you know, we have Express University that just, it’s mind blowing when you go in there and see the learning resources that are available fo- you know, not just to you, but to your team as well. I think it’s really important, uh, when you engage a team that you help them develop as well and, you know, keep them motivated.

Oh, the back office support is fantastic, from IT to, to HR, you know, you’ve got the assistance with your invoicing, with your time sheets, with your reporting, the reporting we have is fantastic and always a phone call away. Like I can’t believe that I will get stuck on something and go, “Oh, God, I’m gonna have to wait for a couple of hours.” And within five minutes, I literally have a response from someone. Like everyone just there to, to support you and make it work.

Now, financial support is phenomenal. The one thing that I love about being part of Express is you don’t have to worry about your cashflow. It doesn’t matter how busy you are and how much your billing, they will always support with that billing and the wages that you have to pay to your staff.

Absolutely. I would recommend Express. Uh, I think Express is well suited to, probably well suited to people, people. Be good at sales, you don’t have to be a recruiter, that’s not what it’s about. All the trainings provided what you need to you know. It’s, it’s more so someone who, you know, you g- you’ve, you’ve got to love people. You’ve gotta love helping people.

And, um, and if you’ve got that in you, you’re a bit, you know, entrepreneur-ish or business savvy, um, you know, you like to drive a team, you love, you’re motivated by results, then definitely Express is, um, is a business that you would love to do. You know, you, you get that little adrenaline by support and, um, and again, anything you don’t know they’ll teach you. So, yeah.”

– Sylvia Elix

Proven Processes Our Franchise Owners Love

“I was looking to put myself in a position to earn the kind of money that I wanted and Express certainly it has done that. The other thing that Express has done for me is giving me the the stability that I wanted, so that despite the ups and downs that may occur in our economy I would be in a strong position, and that was important for me. It means a great deal to me that Express has the training programs that they do and they are quite extensive. When we opened our franchise we received a couple of weeks of training at corporate headquarters, one week of training at a local office, and then corporate headquarters sent staff to our office to help us the first week we opened and that was just really fantastic and gave me a comfort level that when that month’s period was up we were ready to go.”

– Zach Daffin, Franchise Owner

“We’ve got a lot of support from headquarters right through from the from the developers the regional managers making sure that whatever support we need to both grow and protect our businesses in place. As an example we have new contracts coming through they’re going to bind us to what our responsibilities are getting support over the risk team the legal team it’s quick. The turnaround is fantastic, and when it needs to be even a little bit faster the developers are there to make that call to make sure that our needs are being addressed. And again they’re there to protect us as well to help us to grow.”

– Bogdan Damjanovic, Franchise Owner

“I would say the one thing that Expresse does extremely well is supporting its franchises. I’ve seen in countless careers where I was before we were just treated as a number. I would say as a franchisee I’m not treated as a number. We have the support that we need and if Express is saying that we do something they will do it. There’s no false promises.”

– Steve Wong & Sandy Yeung, Franchise Owners

“During the discovery process we really learned a lot about the culture of Express the type of people that they look for, we also learned a lot about what they stand for and we learned a lot about how successful you can be you know for yourselves and for your friends and for your family. So we really learned just a lot about uh how they can help us as a franchise and that’s something that I was big in was how can the franchise headquarters support us because i’ve read some stories about franchises that don’t offer a lot of support, and i’ve heard some horror stories about that, so it really was a big sell that there was a big family and a big culture fit for us.”

– Zachary & Nicole Kraehmer, Franchise Owners

“The support that Express offers resale offices is amazing. Just knowing that you’re buying an office that’s up and running you know the train is moving you know there’s activity and as a new owner you don’t want to stop that. Express has great support from the headquarters, through its developers, through its help center, the legal team. Multiple avenues where you feel that comfort knowing that you can pick up wherever the previous owner left off and you can continue to be successful.”

– Aracely Melendez, Franchise Owner

“The support we receive from headquarters is really anything we need. From legal to workmen’s comp to billing issues training or just a call for guidance on particular issues.”

– Reggie Kaji, Franchise Owner

Make An Impact In Your Community With A Rewarding Franchise

“The best thing Express does is they help find good jobs for good people by working with good companies.”

– Bogdan Damjanovic, Franchise Owner

“The best thing about being an Express franchisee to me is helping people. Of course it gave me the work-life balance that i sought and the benefits of business ownership, but it’s also really helpful to me to be able to help people and helping them find their next job opportunity and hopefully change their life.”

– Tracy Thompson, Franchise Owner