Meet new Express ANZ General Manager Steven Belletty

General Manager Steven Belletty came to Express Employment Professionals in February 2024 with over two decades of sales and recruitment industry experience, as well as a keen business acumen and an uplifting, motivational leadership style. We asked Steven to give us his thoughts on the recruitment industry and its future in Australia and New Zealand, and why he why he chose to join the Express franchise executive team.

Putting an entrepreneurial background to work

Prior to working in recruitment, Steven ran a very successful national sales company with offices around Australia before deciding to move to London. Once he arrived, he had no idea what he wanted to do. “A friend of mine mentioned if I loved sales, then recruitment might be good for me,” Steven says. He was referred to a Rec2Rec company, which finds recruitment consultants for recruitment companies. “My very inquisitive mind led me to asking about all different recruitment companies, commissions structures, teams, size of companies, different sectors. I had no idea what made a great recruitment company and what did not, so how could I choose?”

The Rec2Rec company offered Steven the opportunity to work for them directly, giving him insight and understanding into the recruitment sector. “I joined and loved the recruitment-to-recruitment industry,” he says. That first job led to over 10 years working in the industry across the UK and Australia. Eventually, Steven moved into running bigger teams across multiple sectors, including leading both small and large teams across Australia.

The appeal of the Express franchise opportunity

As someone who ran a business for more than 10 years, Steven was well aware of the rewards that come from ownership. He also understood the value of having a strong support system. This experience combined with his passion for the recruitment industry led him to an opportunity with Express, where the chance to set up other business owners for success with the support of a franchise model was appealing. “I had the motivation, the drive and an opportunity to set others into running offices — supporting everyone to be successful with their own roles and sales teams,” Steven says. “I had great insight of how the franchise model worked and how we at Express can also set people up for true success.”

Outstanding support sets Express apart

In Steven’s opinion, the Express franchise opportunity stands out because of the “people-first” focus. “We are in a very rewarding industry, seeing people’s growth and assisting in company growth,” Steven says. “The Express team is highly supportive in driving success and works closely with franchisees to set them up for success.”

Express has won numerous awards for the support it provides Franchise Owners, earning accolades for everything from the tools, technology and training provided to creating a positive work culture and prioritizing employee well-being.

The reason Express is successful

Steven believes that Express succeeds because “We have the tools, experience and team to support each franchisee.” In addition, Express is constantly adapting to workplace trends to make sure clients and candidates have options available that appeal to today’s job seekers, including:

  • Remote work: As more and more people seek remote or hybrid options, Express has invested in virtual communication tools and developed remote onboarding processes to help facilitate seamless transitions for both candidates and clients.
  • Gig economy opportunities: Based on the growing demand for flexible work arrangements, Express has established partnerships with freelancers and independent contractors to offer tailored solutions for project-based work.
  • Skills-based hiring: Express has shifted focus away from traditional qualifications in favor of skills assessments and competency-based interviews. This helps better identify candidates that have the skills needed for a particular role, which results in clients being able to build high-performing teams.
  • Diversity: Express is actively sourcing candidates from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups. Inclusive hiring practices like blind resume screening and diversity training for recruiters help ensure that equitable opportunities are available for all candidates.

Looking toward the future

Despite the highs and lows that can come with an industry that is driven by the economy and government, Steven feels optimistic about the future of recruitment in Australia and New Zealand. “Identifying great people for growing companies will always continue. I am positive we can support job seekers while supporting business growth,” he says.

The best part of the job

In Steven’s words, the best part of his new role as General Manager is “Being able to implement, bring my ideas, drive, motivate and most of all, grow the whole Express brand across Australia and New Zealand while setting up people for success. This multifaceted responsibility is the best part of my role.”

Making the leap to ownership

When asked what he would tell someone that’s considering Express franchise ownership, Steven’s answer is simple. “Do it! Take the jump to own your own business with full support. It is a great opportunity.”

You don’t need any experience in recruitment to become an Express Franchise Owner. We’ve found that energetic people that are natural leaders and willing to do hands-on work to build their business tend to thrive in this industry. Financially, you should have a net worth of $170K to $250K and liquid assets of $190K to $250K.

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