Sales professional? Explore a top franchise opportunity for your unique skill set.

top franchise opportunity

Want to stop using your sales expertise to make money for other people and build your own business instead? Consider making a move to franchise ownership. A recruitment franchise is a great option for those with sales experience — all the skills that you’ve honed during your career (relationship building, communication, earning sales incentives and more) are exactly what you need to build a strong recruitment franchise business. Learn why this industry is a top franchise opportunity for someone with sales experience.

What is a recruitment franchise?

A recruitment franchise matches people with jobs that fit their interests and skill set and helps companies find candidates that are a good fit for open positions. They play an important role in the community by providing jobs. Many recruitment franchise owners say that helping people find meaningful work is the most rewarding part of their business.

What makes a recruitment franchise a good fit for my sales experience?

Many of the personality traits and skills that make someone successful in a sales career also help make them strong recruitment Franchise Owners:

  • Networking: The ability to create and maintain relationships is vital to success in the recruitment industry. People with a sales background are/ skilled at creating connections, establishing trust, and discovering the needs of others and finding ways to meet them.
  • Client Acquisition: Sales professionals have extensive experience generating leads and following through to make a deal. This ability to sell a service that meets the needs of a client is invaluable in the recruitment industry.
  • Target-Driven Mindset: The sales skill of identifying and working toward achieving a goal helps recruitment franchise owners set and meet their hiring target numbers.
  • Communication and Presentation Skills: Good communication helps recruitment franchise owners convey information, understand client needs, and present opportunities in a compelling way.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Rejection is part of sales, and people with a sales background have developed the ability to bounce back quickly from rejection and adapt their strategies accordingly. This works well with the challenges faced in a recruitment environment, like candidate rejections, changing market dynamics, and evolving client demands.

What makes Express a top franchise opportunity?

Express Employment Professionals is the #1 global recruitment franchise, with 860 locations worldwide and over 40 years of industry experience. They are known for providing outstanding Franchise Owner support and training. The average Express office employs 650 people each year, making a true difference in the lives of people in the community.

Franchise Owner KV Aulahnk worked in sales for the pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries before investing in Express. “I knew I could have success with the Express system”, says KV. “It’s almost like a recipe book. If you know the ingredients and you know how much of each item you need, you’re going to have a delicious dish.”

How can I get started with Express?

If you’re ready to put your sales experience to work as an Express recruitment Franchise Owner, it’s time to connect with the Franchise Development Team. Your background means that you already have the desired personality traits. In addition, you’ll need to have a net worth of $170K to $250K+ and available working capital of $190K to $250K+. Express offers a streamlined path to ownership that includes:

  1. Having an introductory call with an Express Franchise Development Director.
  2. Reviewing the Express Franchise Disclosure Document.
  3. Talking with other Express Franchise Owners.
  4. Attending an Express Virtual Discovery Day.
  5. Signing your franchise agreement.

Now is a great time to invest, because Express is offering 40% off your initial franchise fee in honor of their 40th anniversary. That’s money you can put directly back into your new business venture. To learn more, fill out the form below and get started today.