A recruitment franchise makes a big impact in the local community

Searching for a business for sale in Sydney NSW that can do more than just make money? If you want an ownership opportunity that also gives back to the community, check out a recruitment franchise. Franchising is a great way to get the benefits of ownership while still having the support of a parent company behind you. And despite the ties to a larger corporation, recruitment Franchise Owners can use their business to make a positive impact on the local economy of the community they join.

Express Employment Professionals is an award-winning recruitment franchise in Sydney. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning an Express.

What is a recruitment franchise?

A recruitment franchise focuses on connecting people with jobs that match their skill set. Express has offices around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and Canada. Express Franchise Owners are hiring professionals who build up the economy of the community they serve, acting more like a small, locally owned business than a corporate franchise. They build relationships with area businesses that have open temporary, part-time and full-time positions and then work to find a candidate that’s a good match. In addition to job placement, Express offers job seekers access to resources like resume assistance and interview coaching. Businesses that partner with Express can take advantage of their professional support services in areas like human resources and legal regulations.

How does Express impact the community?

Businesses are the backbone of every economy, providing jobs and generating revenue. An Express recruitment franchise supports local businesses by bringing them qualified candidates for open positions. Local job seekers can work with an Express recruitment office to find a job that’s a perfect match for their interests and skill set. When employees are happy and doing meaningful work, they stay in a job longer. That gives businesses more time to spend on their core operations instead of recruiting talent. And it gives job seekers the chance to find fulfilling work.

Beyond the economic impact, Express offices engage in outreach that helps connect and support the local community. From fundraising to volunteering and beyond, Express Franchise Owners and their employees are active members of the communities they serve.

This aspect of helping others is often what Express Franchise Owners say is the most meaningful part of what they do. “The best thing about being an Express Franchisee, to me, is helping people,” says Tracy Thompson, an Express Franchise Owner in Dover-Middletown, Delaware, U.S. “It gave me the work-life balance that I sought and the benefits of business ownership. But it’s also really helpful to me to be able to help people, helping them find their next job opportunity and, hopefully, change their life.”

Can I open an Express franchise in Sydney?

Recruitment is a thriving, $45.6B AUD industry. Express is expanding in Australia and New Zealand and has identified numerous growth markets in New South Wales, including Sydney and beyond. View a complete list of available markets online and see where your ownership could make an impact.

What does it take to franchise with Express?

High-energy, extroverted people tend to do well in the recruitment industry. You should also be a natural leader that’s willing to do hands-on work to grow your business. You don’t need to have any background in recruitment — Express will provide all the support you need. “All the training provided is all you need to know,” says Canberra Franchise Owner Sylvia Elix. “The back office and support are fantastic, but you’ve also got over 860 offices and Franchise Owners around the world that you can call anytime.”

Financially qualified candidates will have a net worth of $170K to $250K and $190K to $250K in liquid assets.

How do I get started?

Express has a simple, six-step path to ownership:

  1. Review our virtual brochure
  2. Have an introductory call with a Franchise Development Director
  3. Receive and review our Franchise Disclosure Document
  4. Talk to other Express Franchise Owners
  5. Attend a Virtual Discovery Day
  6. Sign your Franchise Agreement

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